The Jersey Open 2017 – a review by Di Greenaway

CONGRATULATIONS are in order to all of our members who entered the Jersey Open this year.

New friends were made and old friendships renewed as our teams were welcomed so warmly.
Weather was very kind on Saturday with great results from all of our teams.
Sunday could only be described as wet and cold but the teams put on waterproofs and battled through.

The two days consisted of 6 matches on Saturday after which teams (68 in all) were allocated into 4 divisions being, Main, Plate, Consolage 1 and Consolage 2.
Sunday morning was a Round Robin followed by semi-finals and finals in the afternoon.
The pistes, numbering over 40 , were challenging with 4 different surfaces so adjustments had to made throughout the day.

This is undoubtedly City of Bath’s best set of results yet with all of our teams in the top half of this very competitive Open.
On the first day 1 team had 5 wins and 1 loss and the other teams all had 3 wins and 3 losses.
This resulted in 1 team in the Main Competition and the others in The Plate.

Play continued on Monday at another club called Carrefour in Jersey.
This was much shorter and the games were timed in order that visiting teams could return home later that day.
Unfortunately the weather was so appalling that even the ferries were cancelled!
Our teams battled through the wind and rain with various degrees of success.


Please see the Club’s Facebook page for pictures of the weekend.