CoBPC Competition Rules

This page is now out of date and will be updated when full details of all 2017 club competitions are available. See News for the latest information.

Singles Ladder

The rules and timeline for the 2016 Singles Ladder is as follows:

  1. Play will run from April to the end of September.
  2. EPA rules will apply.
  3. Players can challenge the two above them.
  4. The challenged player has the choice of where to play.
  5. Play will be to 13 points, best of three games.
  6. When a higher ranked player beats a lower ranked player, standings remain unchanged.
  7. When a lower ranked player beats a higher ranked player, the lower ranked player takes the higher ranked player’s position in the ladder and the higher ranked player will drop one rank.
  8. Players cannot challenge another player who has stated they are unavailable to play for whatever reason.
  9. Players cannot challenge the same player twice in the same month.
  10. If the challenged player does not play the match by the end of the month they will be deemed to have lost two games 13 – 0.
  11. The only exception to the above rule will be holidays or sickness.

Doubles and Triples Competitions

The rules and timelines for the 2016 Doubles and Triples Competitions is as follows:


The Doubles, Triples & Mixed Doubles competitions will produce Club Champions and Plate winners. Each event will be allocated time to play according to the number of entries received.

Anticipated durations are:

Doubles – May/June

Triples – June/July/Aug

Mixed Doubles – July/August

Entry Fees

There are no entry fees for these competitions.


There will be perpetual trophies for the Club Champions and Plate winners. These will be engraved and kept at the clubhouse.


Teams will be made up of club members only.

Players may only play for one team in each competition. Substitutes are allowed providing they have not already played for another team in that competition.

Entries for each competition will close on the last day of the previous month.

Games and Scoring

Games will be played to EPA rules.

Round matches will be one game only.

All matches and finals will be played to 13 points.


Matches will normally be played on club days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday to suit the 2 teams playing.

Each match must be played by the stated closing date for that round. Rounds will start and finish on a Tuesday.

The home team will offer two dates to the opposition.

If the match has not be played by the closing date for that round, it will be awarded to the home team, unless conceded by the home team.

Actual dates for each competition/round will be publicised when the entries are closed.


The rules may have to be adapted to the numbers of teams playing in each competition.

All teams will play a minimum of 2 rounds.

All losing teams in Round 1 will play in the Plate competition in Round 2.


Presentation of Cups will be at the Annual dinner.


Please email all competition entries to Mark Gilbert @ (underscore h_u):

Team Name:


Tel no:

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