Braunschweig – Twinning Dinner

 Bath – Braunschweig Association annual twinning dinner

By our roving reporter – Terry Basson.

Dinner with the chairman
CoBPC members joining the twinning association for Dinner

Having recently visited Braunschweig as part of the City of Bath Petanque tour and enjoyed the hospitality of our hosts in Germany Di and I were delighted to receive an invitation to a German theme menu by members of the Twinning Association in Bath. We were also joined by two others of our intrepid travellers, Don and Thelma Grimes.

The venue chosen was ‘Cafe Retro’.

We arrived at the scheduled time to be received by an unusual scene of our waitress

ironing the sheets for our tables. Clearly this proved a hoot with me thinking “Is this all part of a Cafe Retro experience”?

Many happy faces continued to arrive during our pre-prandial drinks. Meeting so many new people was most enjoyable.

Whilst our meal was being served, we chatted and banter was soon fast exchanged with Councillor Bryan Chalker and his wife, who kindly introduced us to other diners at our table.

After coffee, I was truly taken back, when Bryan stood up to entertain us, first with his lips supporting a Jewish Harp twanging in fine a rhythm. 

Further talent was still to be discovered when Don Withers played his piano along with Gerald, a professional singer, who beautifully sang us ballads all in German.

Not finished yet, Bryan was up on his feet again because he had even further talents to declare to us new comers, playing his mouth organ even though suffering from nasty chest infection.  When once again, a most tuneful note sounded throughout the room.