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Bath Pétanque Club End of Year Dinner

Bath Pétanque Club Celebrate the year

 This well attended end of year City of Bath Pétanque Club dinner, was professionally organised by Chris McGinn at ‘The Market’ Bath.

Enjoying the evening
Enjoying the evening

 My thoughts, as we greeted each other, were how we all unite under a sport called Boules. We are all very different people from many walks of life, yet come together having enjoyed the game of Pétanque throughout the year.

We were splendidly entertained by ‘The Shanty Men’ who sang songs of sailors carrying out their general duties aboard merchant ships many years ago, using songs like “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum”! To maintain their rhythm of daily toil.

 The meal lived up to expectations served by friendly well trained staff.

Don Grimes donned his black bowler hat and acted as our official auctioneer.

First up was a miniature King Bladud’s pig for which Mark Gilbert outbid all assembled.

Alex and Dalene put up for auction their Christmas fresh turkey. They are both spending Christmas with their daughter in New Zealand this year. Bidding hands lifted briskly until finally the highest bidder was found. This went to one of our beautiful women in the club, in the shape of Fiona Manley. She promptly pulled out her cheque book and paid up whilst having a swift drink at the bar with Alex.

Don, that tall master of many disguises, that man for all seasons, removed his auctioneer’s Bowler and then conducted the raffle. 

 It was also a night to remember a former member of the club who passed on late last year and we were lucky enough to be joined by his widow Jan for the evening who presented a trophy in memory of her husband, Peter Bale, to the winner of the Singles Competition.

 All this activity raised over three hundred pounds for the club.

 What a wonderful final round up it was, in such great company, best in the world in my opinion.

Happy have we met,

Happy have we been,

Happy may we part.

Happy to meet again,

On the Piste in the New Year.


Terry Basson