Newsletter No 35 – December 2017

City of Bath Pétanque Club

Newsletter No 35 December 2017

Note from the Chair:

We are coming to the end of an eventful year, in which we as Members can be justly proud. Membership has grown to over 100, making us the largest EPA club in England.

This can be partially attributed to the excellent camaraderie shown by you all when welcoming new members into the Club. Several new members have been complimentary about the kindness shown to them.

2018 will bring new challenges, but I’m confident we can pull together to overcome these. As the Club continues to grow we need your support to help run it. Any offer of time or services will be greatly appreciated. Please contact a committee member if you are interested.

As we are now a bigger club, one of our goals was to appoint a Playing Manager,Clive de Silva, to improve our playing status, so that we achieve results in line with our size. Please give him your whole-hearted support and I feel certain that if we do, we will all benefit from his experience and knowledge of the game.

The Festive season is now round the corner and on behalf of COBPC, I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2018.

Executive Committee

The next Committee meeting will be held on 18 January 2018. Please email   if you have anything you would like the EC to consider.

Information on Playing Events 2017


The next melee will be on the 9th December at LSC – Registration 9.45 am start at 10.00 am. Entry fee £5 to include mulled wine and a mince pie. Winner receives £20. All members welcome together with friends and family.

New Doubles Ranking Competition

The club will be holding a competitive doubles league starting from 1st January 2018. As each league will comprise of six teams, each team will be required to play five matches over a three month period. If you would like to enter please contact Clive with your entry. All details can be found at Please also note that the current and recently updated documentation for the doubles league and the new rankings system can be found on the website.

Thursday Night League

All members who have not been part of a team in the Thursday League may wish to consider getting together with other like-minded members and form a new team, in this very enjoyable competition. It is quite low key and taking part can only improve your play, whilst enjoying the camaraderie of your team members and the opposition. A meeting of the Thursday League, prior to the season, will take place in March 2018 at Larkhall. Prospective teams are encouraged to attend and join in the formulation of the plans for the forthcoming season.

Tea and Coffee Rota

 A bank of helpers are needed to take turns on a rota, to set out tea & coffee, every Tuesday and Saturday morning at Larkhall. At present one person does this and it would be a great help if this task could be shared. If you can help, please email Mary at .


Queen’s Square Xmas Special

Our final game of the year at Queen’s Square will be on Wednesday 20th December. On that day it has become something of a tradition for  members attending to wear something festive  and to bring along Xmas nibbles and/or drinks.  If wet we will meet at Bonghy Bo, 2 Barton Court, Upper Borough Walls, BA1 1 RZ, but don’t be late as we are obviously not able to book tables in advance.

New Year’s Party

Larkhall Football Club and City of Bath Petanque Club are jointly hosting at LSC, a fun evening of games and a quiz. Complementary glass of fizz at the stroke of midnight on the terrace to watch fireworks over the city of Bath. Bar open from 8 pm. – 1 am. Music to dance along to. Bring along finger food to share. Tickets £5 each, see Terry or Clive for tickets.

 New Year’s Day boules and a meal

There is a New Year’s Day tradition of playing boules in Queens Square, at 12 noon, followed by a meal at Brasserie Blanc, Francis Hotel at 1.15 pm. Players usually bring along wine and light nibbles to share on the piste before the game, (fancy dress optional). A limited number of places have been booked  so If you want to go please give your name to Christine Cox by Friday 15 December, at the latest. If it’s too wet to play, the meal in Brasserie Blanc will still go ahead. Her email is: .

Sweet Pea Competition 2018

Following on from the success of the last two years, our third Sweet Pea & Party day will be on Sunday 24th June, 2018.  Seed is already available from the shed at LSC.  Price £5 for ten seeds of three varieties. You don’t have to purchase seed from the Club to enter, you can buy your own seed by all means. Seeds can be planted now or in the New Year.  Speak to Richard Patrick to purchase seeds and for a few tips on how to grow them.

Tante Agonie

Dear Confused from Bathampton,

Thank you for your question,

Q. “Can you explain this? Some people insist on putting the ring over the Cochon at the start of

each game but others don’t. I am confused , what should I be doing?”

A. Article 7Valid distances for the thrown jack

The team that is going to throw the jack must erase all throwing circles near the one it is going to use.

For the thrown jack to be valid, the following conditions apply:

At the following end the jack is thrown from a circle drawn or placed around the point where it finished at the previous end, except in the following cases:

– The circle would be less than 1 metre from an obstacle.

– The throwing of the jack could not be made to all regulation distances.

In the first case the player draws or places the circle at the regulation distance from the obstacle.

In the second case, the player may step back, in line with the previous end’s play, without exceeding the maximum distance authorised for the throwing of the jack. This opportunity is offered only if the jack cannot be thrown to the maximum distance in any other direction. If you want more clarification either speak to one of our coaches or look at the EPA website:

I hope this has gone some way to alleviate your confusion.

Weekly times of play

Larkhall Sports Club

Saturday 10.00 am – 12.00 pm

Tuesday 10.00 am – 12.00 pm

Queen Square

Wednesdays 11.00 am – 1.00 pm

Dates for your diary

Melee – 9th December, LSC, registration

9.45 am.



Editor – David Knight