Newsletter No 33 – October 2017

City of Bath Pétanque Club
Newsletter No 33 October 2017

Note from the Chair – Chris McGinn

We are now drawing to the close of the competitive part of the year and overall, I think it can be said that the Club as a whole has progressed.

The number of members is gradually
increasing and this is likely to continue as we all take the opportunities to welcome and encourage friends and family across the board.

I have been very pleased to hear from new members, how pleasant an experience it was in joining the Club and being made to feel so welcome.

Queen Square continues to be a positive recruiting ground and our weekly sessions have been well attended. Unfortunately, this year the weather has not been kind and we will have reduced income from this source, but sufficient to cover the Councils hire cost.

Your Committee plan to hold a one day session at Larkhall, in the winter, to take a good hard look at all facets of activities at the Club. This is necessary if we wish to continue to progress.

Executive Committee

There will be no meeting in October. The meeting referred to above by Chris will take place on 20th November, with a 10:00 start. Please watch out for further details in next month’s newsletter.


Don’t forget to return your flagpole designs to Terry – by December 31st 2017.

Information on Playing Events 2017


The next melee will be on the 7th October at LSC – Registration 9.45 start at 10.00. Entry fee £3, Winner receives £20. All members welcome together with friends and family.

Summer Doubles

The Summer Doubles is now up and running. Please see for details.

Thursday Night League

Now the Thursday Night League has drawn to a close perhaps it’s the ideal time to consider getting together with friends and entering a team of your own for next summer. If you are not sure what that entails then have a chat with Chis McGinn and see the Tante Agonie article later in this newsletter.

GWR Winter Doubles

GWR Winter Doubles will take place again this winter with the format of 8 competitions at various venues, 3 before and 5 after Christmas with initial competition on Nov 5th at the Red Bull Inn, Malmesbury. Other
dates and venues to be announced later.Games played in all weather except thunder & lightning, or piste is unplayable eg. due to flooding.

Entry fee is £40 per team with a maximum of four players per team. Entries to by 28th October.

Social Events

The LSC are holding a New Year’s Eve party in the club house starting at 20:00 at a cost of £5 per head, (bring and share your own finger food). Contact for further details.

Umpire Course

There will be an Umpires Course on Saturday Nov 18th at Cricklade Leisure Centre 9.45am – approx. 17.00.

This is a refresher course for existing umpires but also new candidates are very welcome. It is mandatory for all existing umpires to attend at least 1 refresher course this year, and this is the last one, otherwise your umpire licence may be suspended.

Course fee – existing umpires free, all other candidates £20 payable on the day.
This will be followed by an Umpires exam the next day also at Cricklade Leisure Centre starting 9.45am prompt. This will consist of both written and verbal/practical elements.

If you would like to enter for the course and/or exam or would like further details please email : Closing date for both 10th October.

Tante Agonie

We have another letter seeking advice from our very own Tante Agonie:
“I am keen to set up a new team to play in the Thursday Night league next summer but don’t really know that much about the format and level of commitment that will be required. Could you explain the basic points to me.
Newcomer Queens Square”

Dear Newcomer

The season runs from May through to August. You will need a minimum of four players in your team, but it’s best to have a squad of say six or seven that way you can cover for holidays etc. Matches start at 7pm with two doubles games running in parallel, followed by one game of triples and one game of singles. Games are not timed so occasionally the match may finish a little after 10pm if all the games are closely fought.
In terms of standard, all new teams start in the lowest league, which was League 4 this summer, but who knows with the continued popularity we may need an extra league next season. Generally there are eight teams in a league, matches are played home and way so that is a commitment to play on 14 evenings across the summer months.

Last season was my first and I found it both great fun and an opportunity to visit the other venues and play on different surfaces.
I hope that helps.

Tante Agonie


Please note that new postings have been made on the club page, you do not have to have a Facebook account – just click on the link


Weekly times of play

Larkhall Sports Club
Saturday 10.00am – 12.00pm
Tuesday 10.00am – 12.00pm

Queen Square
Wednesdays11.00am – 1.00pm

Dates for your Diary
7th October – Melee, LSC, Registration 09.45

Editor – David Knight