Bath Open

Bath Pétanque Club Open 2013 a personal perspective

Bath Pétanque open
Terry (on the left ) and his fellow boulers before battle commenced

 The 2013 Pétanque Open

by Terry Basson

This was our first year to experience such a large Pétanque club event in Queen Square.

In order to get a ringside parking spot around the Square Di and I arrived at 6.30 – sitting, enjoying our breakfast in our jeep looking out at  stormy skies, just hoping that our day would be blessed with sunshine as forecast. The Square had some litter laying around so Di with a Morrison’s plastic bag over her hand walked the square picking up and a generally tidy up took place.

The first to arrive behind our vehicle was Cary whom we shared another  black coffee. I was impatient  to start off the day, but our umpire remained confident that we had plenty of time, so we watched as the clouds seemed to be clearing into patches of blue.

A big white van arrived with Don at the helm shovelling everything from a heavy club hammer to a pile of wood which could only be improved by Wicks Ltd!

Nigel came into  this foray by toting a large bag with his very easy erected gazebo. Up it went in tandem with another one from that Tardis of a van I now call, “The Big White”!

I think Lesley and Diana arrived to start issuing orders that just had to willingly be obeyed . Us guys left around on the  Piste did some humping and  general duties.

As if by a magical hand of some great higher power  The Square took on a showcase appearance – order was marked out on the paths and squares with numbers in rows like soldiers standing on a parade ground.

The teams began to arrive not more than fifteen minutes  since the last tent peg had been driven into that much trodden turf.

I stood back with camera in hand and a sagging jaw, realising that the ‘City Of Bath Pétanque Club’ was open for business, ready to receive over a hundred competing team members.

A huge thanks must go to  all those involved in months of committee meetings/ preparations, which all came together like clockwork on the day.

To be a member of ‘The City of Bath Pétanque Club’ is one of the treasures we have in our lives.

Well done to all those who gave so much towards making this open day, a successful event!