City of Bath Boules appear on Points West

City of Bath Boules exhibit the game for BBC Points West

City of Bath Boules club helped put together a short news article which appeared on BBC points West on April 14th.  At short notice several club members descended on Alice Park in Larkhall, the piste where the club plays its home Brunel matches, to demonstrate how the game is played as well as providing interviews about the sport as well how the club has grown over the last 10 years.

The newscast went out early in the evening and was well received and thanks go to the club members who were able to give up their time to help.

City of Bath Boules has secured a ten year lease on land at the Plain Ham site of Larkhall Sports Club. Together with a substantial grant from Sports England the club plan  to build a pétanque terrain consisting of either 8 full sized pistes or 12 smaller pistes.  This will enable the Club to offer playing and coaching facilities to people of all ages and abilities within the community.

Users of this new terrain will also benefit from sharing Larkhall Sports Club’s existing clubhouse, floodlighting and car parking.

The grant is in addition to matched funding being raised by the City of Bath Pétanque Club members.

Pétanque is a very inclusive sport, which can be enjoyed from beginner level, and with improved skills can progress to regional, national and even international competitions.  Teams of people of different age, gender and ability can all compete together, which is unusual in other sports.  The Club is particularly keen to encourage people with disabilities or limited mobility to get involved in the sport, as part of the legacy of the Paralympic Games.