Changes to the Official Petanque Rules – an update from Robin Ralph

Robin in his capacity as GWR Regional Umpire has provided the following information for players in the GWR:

I am sure that by now many of you will have already seen the change of Official Petanque Rules which come into effect on the first of January 2017. The Rules are obtainable by hyperlink on the EPA website where the changes are highlighted in blue, and will be on the GWR website.
I suggest that you all acquaint yourselves with the new rules which should not present any problems, because some we already use in timed games, all the rules have been tested by the French Federation and some World and European Championships and for the change in Article 6, 7. We have used it at City of Bath Petanque Club in an Open Competition without any problem.

Some of the new changes are listed here, but the new rules should be read by all players before we start the new season.

1. Jack besides measuring 30+/- mm it must also weigh between 10-18 grams,
2. Prefabricated circles In all cases the circle must be marked before the jack is thrown.
3. Start of game or end The team winning the toss or previous end will have only one attempt to throw the Jack; if the jack is not valid it is handed the opponent who will place it at any valid position on the designated terrain. The team placing the jack must do so immediately. The valid position can be measured, for instance if it is close to the 6 or 10 meter line but if not valid is NOT passed back to the team that first threw the jack.
4. Feet in circle must be entirely inside the circle and not encroach on its perimeter failure to concur will now incur the penalties of Article 35
5.  Picking up circle while there are boules to be played, the marked circle is replaced but only the opponents are allowed to play their boules.
6. Displacement of obstacles It is now forbidden to sweep in front of the boule to be shot, the offending player incurs the penalties outlined in Article 35.
7. Removed Boules If a player picks up his boules from the playing area while their partner(s) have boules remaining they will not be allowed to play them.
8. Exceeding time Limits A yellow card for exceeding the time limit will be imposed on All the players of the offending team. If one of these players has already been given a yellow card they will be penalised by disqualification of the boule played or to be played.
9. Correct Dress etc. Specifically it is forbidden to play without a top and for safety reasons, the players must wear fully enclosed shoes protecting the toes and heels; It is forbidden to smoke during play, including electronic cigarettes and it is also forbidden to use mobile phones during the game.