Message from the Chair

“We have had a very difficult two years which has reduced our participation in numerous events, to our detriment. However, the future looks considerably more rosy for 2022, so we plan to run a full schedule of events, always allowing for any hiccups that might arise on the health front. I urge members to join in the activities of the club whenever possible.” A list of 2022 events is attached here.

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Membership fees 2022

A gentle reminder has been sent to all members in the latest newsletter that your Great Western Adult (PE) and Annual Club subscription are now due and must be paid by 31 March this year. The total subscription is £43 which should be paid via Petanque England’s automated online system (called Loveadmin)

Please contact Cary Bush if you have any membership queries or require help in using the online system. thank you if you have already paid – in doing so you are making life easier for yourManagement Committee.