CoBPC is now open

We’re on the piste again!

The Playing Group have been working closely with LSC and we are delighted to announce the Club  re-opened its doors for restricted play on Saturday the 4th July.

We have put in place a series of measures to safeguard access to LSC, our Club grounds, and of course the safety of our members. These measures are based on our own COVID-19 Risk Assessment (here) and using this and the Petanque England guidelines we have produced a set of Club specific Rules (here). Acceptance of these is a pre-condition for return to restricted play at the Club.

These measures are aimed at making our members as safe as possible; however, it is for individuals to decide if they wish to play based on personal circumstances. Members play at their own risk.

Initially we will only be opening the Club on Saturday’s, though the aim will be extend this to two weekly sessions once we are confident our new operating processes are working correctly. The new norm means that we are limiting the number of available pistes per session. This will have a knock-on effect on the number of members that can attend each session (currently a maximum of 24) and to manage this we have instituted a booking system. The booking form is here.

Wednesday Club sessions at Queen Square remain suspended. Unfortunately, despite much work behind the scenes, BANES will only accept bookings for a maximum of six members to play at Queen Square at any one time. Until this ruling is relaxed it is difficult to justify renewing our booking and restart our formal Wednesday morning play.

After three months of lockdown we are really looking forward to opening up the Club again and we hope to see you at LSC over the coming weeks.

At present we cannot accept visitors without prior arrangement, so please use the Contact Us menu if you require any information about the Club and our facilities.

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