CoBPC is open

We’re on the piste – come and join in, whether you are a member, an experienced player just moved to Bath or a complete beginner interested in a fun sociable leisure activity for young and old. As a club we also run tournaments and compete in leagues if you like competitive sport!

The Club re-opened its doors back in March and now strict lockdown is over we are not as constrained as before.  That does not mean there is no risk from COVID. Based on our own COVID-19 Risk Assessment and  the Petanque England guidelines we have agreed there is still a need to maintain a basic system to reduce the risk of infection. In particular:

  • The sensible personal measure of sanitising regularly should continue.
  • We will continue to group players and record who is in what group. 
  • The policy of recorded groups will be implemented uniformly at Larkhall and at Queens Square. The only difference is that booking will be required at Larkhall but at Queens Square players will be divided into groups based on the order that they arrive.

Policy will be regularly reviewed and these measures will be discontinued when risk is reduced to “normal” level.  We would still advise it is for individuals to decide if they wish to play based on personal circumstances. Members play at their own risk.

So to summarise we will be running our full weekly programme of Club sessions on Saturday and Tuesday at Larkhall and Wednesday mornings in Queen Square.  Please remember to email if you are coming to Larkhall; play at Queen Sq is not subject to pre-booking requirements. Free coaching sessions are also arranged at regular intervals – see the newsletter for latest news on these or ask at any session.

If you aren’t a member, we’d love you to come along and join in – we always have a few balls ready for guests. But please email us first via the Contact Us menu. Beginners can learn the rules and basic techniques of this entertaining and social game quite easily and you can achieve good results quite quickly. Do ask if you require any information about the Club and our facilities.

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