Club Events and Competitions

City of Bath Pétanque Club – Events and Competitions

The main playing season is from April through to the end of September although we play throughout the year.

There are weekly informal games on Saturdays and Tuesdays at LSC from 10am and in Queen Square on Wednesdays from 11am.

Details of all events and competition are in the Events Calendar.

Coaching: the Club now has 7 coaches (Don Grimes, Cary Bush, Thelma Grimes, Diana Lockwood, Lesley Hall, Mark Gilbert, Greg Haynes). Coaching sessions are run from April to the end of September on Monday evenings from 7pm at LSC. One-to-one coaching can be done on request. Contact or any of the coaches.

Mélées: are held during the season, some at LSC and some at Queen Square. These are open to everyone, including non-members, and are a great way to get started with competitive play. Each player draws a number and teams of 3 are drawn at random, so you will play with someone different for each game. 4 rounds are usually played. The winner is the person with the highest number of wins – points difference counts in the event of ties.

Bath Thursday Boules League (BTBL) – this is organised by CoBPC and is open to everyone. The number of teams taking part has grown rapidly since inception. It is designed to encourage competition between teams based within a 10 mile radius of Bath, and is another good way to get involved in competitive play. There are a number of divisions: new teams start at the lowest level and the winners each season are promoted. The competition runs from May to early October, with an additional doubles competition that run during August and September. The doubles finals and prize giving dinner are usually held on the first or second Thursday in October.

Singles Ladder: Open to CoBPC members only. Generally runs from May onwards. You challenge the player 1 or 2 places above you on the ladder and move up the rungs if you win (down if you lose to someone below you).

Doubles and Triples competitions: Open to CoBPC members only. Dates will be in the newsletter. Doubles = two players with 3 boules each; triples = 3 players with 2 boules each.

Open Competitions: – exactly what is says on the tin: open to everyone. The Club organises 2 or 3 of these each season as do other clubs including Guernsey, Jersey, Celeritas (Alkmaar), Bremen, Balaton (Hungary). This year we will be holding a Spring Open in addition to our annual Open competition which is held in August. Different systems are used to organise how teams are paired for games including Swiss, Snake. The organisers will let you know which system is being used.

Club Tours: Each year the Club organises 1 or 2 tours to meet with teams and clubs in the cities that Bath is twinned with: Alkmaar, Aix-en-Provence, Braunschweig and Kaposvar. These are generally a mixture of friendly informal games, open competitions, socialising and sight-seeing. This is open to Club members only. Each one has a different mix. See the club newsletter for dates and contact the organiser if you are interested in going.

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